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AntiSpam was created to actively counteract the action of spyware type 'bots' or 'spiders' that are constantly crawling webpages searching for e-mail addresses for illegal activities.

The intention is to transform what is a business for them, and for us, what is receiving large amounts of junk mail (spam), which is a nuisance and a real headache, by using methods like this that will spread, sending out thousands or perhaps millions of nonexistent e-mail addresses, so eventually they will stop bothering you and you will receive only the mail that you really want to receive.

The purpose of the program is simply to help with the task of automatically creating pages with thousands (or millions) of links to non-existent email addresses that later can be linked on the website via hyperlinks that are not visible to the normal user, and to also create a page with your real email address in a format that is impossible to detect by spyware, without having to write a line of code.

The program also allows you to create backgrounds for email with an encrypted button (undetectable by spyder programs).
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